Try Tennis Day

After the downpour on Sunday morning we thought all our planning and preparation was for nothing, when something unexpectedly happened for Scotland in May, the sun started to shine, and by the end of the day a good number of people, of all ages, turned out to our Try Tennis day and over £300 was raised for club funds. We’d like to thank everyone who donated raffle prizes, food, time and facilities and equally, thanks to those who turned up, bought raffle tickets, ate food and even played tennis as we couldn’t have done it without either of you. Although the fundraising aspect is important it was really about raising awareness of the game, and club, and we hope to see some new members as a result, but just getting the courts used more often would be a positive result and from my perspective, getting an opportunity to eat, drink (sadly just tea) and play Tennis in the sun on a Sunday afternoon made it all worthwhile.

Oh, and remember Tennis Express is on for the next 5 weeks on Tuesday, 9.30-10.30am at no cost to participants.

Best wishes, Keith (I was the one with President written on my back)



Try Tennis Day, Sunday 13th May

Our Try Tennis for Free day is on Sunday, 13th May from 1-4pm at the Burrelton Tennis Courts.

There will be the usual games for the children of all ages on and off-court, a BBQ, raffle, teas and cakes. Two coaches will be putting everyone through some great tennis games.

Racquets will be available and it’s a great chance to try a new sport.

We would also welcome raffle prizes as well

Looking forward to seeing  you all there.

Tennis Express Coaching, 8th May 2018

As part of our enhanced Coaching programme we are introducing Tennis Express starting on the Tuesday, 8th May at 9.30am at Burrelton Tennis Courts. This is new for 2018 and is aimed at adults, beginners or anyone wishing to refresh their Tennis Skills.

It will take place for 6 weeks and for more information please contact Cara Davidson or 07703 804996.