Burrelton Defibrillator is Go

After much work and effort over the past few months we are pleased to announce that there is now a Defibrillator up and running at the Gray Park. This is mounted to the side of the clubhouse and is accessible 24/7. The idea has been around for a while and involved applying to the British Heart Foundation for support and also partnering with the Burrelton & Woodside Village Hall Committee, Burrelton Rovers Football Club and Burrelton Bowling Club who have all contributed to making this happen and we are extremely grateful for their support. Although this has been a team effort, special thanks in particular must go to to Douglas Rae who has been instrumental in driving this forward and navigated the funding process.

As part of our ongoing commitment we need to train as many people as we can in CPR although the use of the Defibrillator doesn’t need any training as it talks you through what you need to do. The board have already had training and we will arrange training for anyone who wishes this and if anyone is interested please get in touch with a board member to discuss.



2 responses to “Burrelton Defibrillator is Go

  1. This is fantastic I would like to train to use the equipment. I have done previous first aid courses.

    • Hi Chris, that’s great we’ll look at some dates and let you know. There’s usually someone at the clubhouse on a Sat 10-12 so we could go over the defib use with you. Thanks Keith